Bright your event

Create a truly magical atmosphere for your wedding

Whether you are looking for wedding lighting or lighting for a corporate or social event, our team will work hand-in-hand with you to create a custom lighting design that will transform your event space from conventional to sensational and set just the right mood.

The proper wedding lighting can create a feeling of soft romance by mimicking the glows of candlelight or a full on party atmosphere with a vibrant medley of colors for your wedding.

Highlight your floral and decor elements through the use of pin spotting. Build excitement by having color-coordinated up-lights or wash the room in your wedding colors.

Room Uplighting and Color Wash – Picture your event space completely illuminated with color.

Fabric Backdrops and Pin spots. Fabric backdrops can be used to create an attractive focal point behind the head table while pin spots is like miniature spot-lights focused on your centerpiece, wedding cake or other design elements…

Set the mood with lighting, candles, and candle accessories for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Ceiling Light

Lanterns | Italian String Lights | Twinkle Lights

Create a more casual atmosphere with Lanterns, a marvelous way to enliven your event décor. The orb shaped lanterns come in an array of sizes and colors to coordinate with your event theme. Your lanterns will be suspended from the ceiling and set aglow with an LED light. A jubilant atmosphere is achieved using varied sizes and colors. Bring a bit of old world charm to life at your special event with Italian String Lights. This lighting effect has decorative globe lamps, spaced at intervals, creating a lighted string of lamps that can be suspended over an area, such as your dance floor or an outdoor patio. Twinkle Lights or Faerie Lights will create a truly magical atmosphere for your wedding. Your guests will be in a true fairy tale with thousands of sparkling lights suspended above them. This is a perfect effect for tent weddings!
“If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want. “
Loved the beautiful decoration at our reception! Thank you so much Chi QA for your wonderful work!
Lynn Le Testimonial
“I can’t believe you can do exactly what I want. Thank you for everything.”
Kim & Ben Testimonial
“I love everything you have done for us. You are the best of the best!”
Ngân & Trực Testimonial

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